Ten signs that you might be a sidekick (a blog post for Robin)


Sidekicks play a vital role in fiction. They can provide a humorous, likeable foil to a broody and detached hero. They can also find the information, give the advice and have the hero’s back when things get hot (or cold – as in carbonite cold).  Where would we be without sidekicks?

You might be a sidekick if….

1. You’ve ever been told to ‘punch it’

2. You have to call your best friend ‘Mister [insert name here]’

3. If you’ve ever said ‘holy [insert word here]’ (sh@! and cr*p excluded)

4. You have an English accent

5. You have furry brown hair – all over your body (and face)

6. Someone wearing leather or a black trench-coat keeps telling you to research stuff – and you do it.

7. You or your best friend own a cape. And you’ve worn it in public. And you’re older than 12.

8. Your general knowledge could be described as ‘encyclopaedic’

9. Your ears could be describe as ‘unusually pointy’

10. Your name is Robin, Ron or Watson. No exceptions. Sorry.

A few types of sidekicks

The unwanted/rejected sidekick

Kid – The Matrix Reloaded

This would-be-sidekick would definitely stand at Neo’s side through any kind of trouble. Unfortunately, Neo isn’t interested and it’s a case of sidekick rejection.

The best bud sidekick

Chewbacca (aka Chewie) – Star Wars

When you’re 7 something ft of furry muscle, you don’t really need to be anyone’s sidekick, but this Wookiee remains loyal to Han Solo through everything.

The apprentice sidekick

Robin (aka The Boy Wonder) – Batman

Robin is always ready to run into danger for Batman, but there must be part of him that secretly hopes Batman will get put into traction for a while, so that he can fly the batwing without permission and walk around the mansion wearing only his cape.

The with you till the end sidekick

Samwise Gamgee – Lord of the Rings

When Frodo Baggins can no longer walk, his sidekick, Sam, carries him up Mount Doom so he can complete his heroic journey. That’s dedication. 

The brainy sidekick

While Willow Rosenberg (Buffy) and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) both fall solidly on the nerd side of brainy, these witches also have some badass magical skills. Brains and power – great combination in a sidekick (unless they turn evil and try to destroy the world).

This post first appeared on www.momentumbooks.com.au

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