Structure in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

**Once again, I’d like to start off with a disclaimer that this is not me telling you how to write and create. Every writer and artist has their own processes, and this is just me talking about mine.  

In the previous post I wrote about worldbuilding – some of the steps I take in creating a world around raw ideas. Now that the world is ready and populated, usually my next step is to construct a plan. For me – planning almost always involves, among other tools, Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers. This was originally a screenwriting textbook, but the principles can apply to any type of storytelling. At its most basic, this book identifies and discusses the stages that ‘heroes’ go through in their journey – ‘the hero’s journey’.

For each Point of View Character, I will loosely plot their journey into each stage to make sure they are making progress, both actual and psychological, throughout the story. Hearing this may make a few people cringe – the book and its concepts have been criticised for stifling creativity in planning/writing, but for me the key is not to stick too rigidly to this or any formula as such, but to take it as a useful starting point for mapping out and examining my story structure.


Diagram source –’s_journey.htm

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