BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Thank you for waiting everyone and I’m so grateful for your support! XO n


We are thrilled to officially announce The Forgotten City, the highly-anticipated sequel to Nina D’Aleo’s Aurealis Award-nominated debut, The Last City.

The battle is over. The war begins.

Scorpia City enters a new era. The Androts have fallen and the gangsters rule.

The Trackers stand scarred but together, unaware that a new threat stalks them from the shadows of a dying world. A nightmare from Silho’s past returns to claim her, driven by an evil more formidable than anything the team has faced before. The Indemeus X has risen.

As the team is ripped apart, new alliances are forged, enemies unite and friendships fall apart. Diega and Shawe fight to survive a new and violent world, while Eli ventures into the darkest levels of the city, making a shocking discovery that will change everything.

Meanwhile in a forgotten place built on secrets and lies, a city spirals into madness, and hope emerges from the darkness.

The Forgotten City is due for release worldwide on November 1. For all the updates, including cover reveals, advance copy giveaways, interviews and reviews, sign up to our newsletter, and be sure to follow Nina D’Aleo on twitter @NinaDAleo and like her page on Facebook.

Praise for The Last City:

“The Last City is a masterclass in worldbuilding, a fully realised and believable science-fiction and fantasy society that draws the eye into the page with its spectacularly descriptive mix of ideas old and new…beautifully structured, immersive, with snappy yet believable dialogue.” – Fantasy Faction

“A shockingly unique, absolutely riveting work of fiction that refuses to be forced to wear any standard genre labels…D’Aleo writes an action packed book which is balanced by an incredible world and some tantalizing depth.” – Bookworm Blues

“There are witches and demons, ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night. Strange, different, in constant turmoil, I loved this curiously gripping story.” – Aurealis

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